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It is not easy to find a suitable conveyancing solicitor who can properly provide the services that are required when you are looking to purchase a new home.


Property Link aims to provide the best possible service to our clients, ensuring that they receive a top quality conveyancing solicitor who will provide them with a good service.


A conveyancing solicitor’s main purpose is to facilitate the transfer of ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. As such it is vital that the conveyor knows every aspect of their business and is as transparent as possible with their clients. This is why Property Link only utilises conveyancing solicitors who speak in a matter-of-fact manner with their clients, rather than attempting to baffle them with legal speak.


The majority of conveyancing transactions have two major landmarks: the exchange of contracts, in which the equitable title passes, and the completion, wherein legal title passes. Our professionals will ensure that each of these stages runs as smoothly as possible.

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