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Home-buyers Survey and Valuation Report


This is the most basic, least expensive survey available. It’s best suited to conventional properties and newer homes that seem to be in reasonable condition and are built from common building materials. It reports on the condition of the property only, flags up matters for your legal advisors and gives a summary of problems that need attention. It will provide an overall opinion of the general condition of the property but does not offer additional useful features such as repair guides and cost estimates for any major defects that may be identified.


However the survey will report on:


Urgent matters that are a threat to the fabric of the building.

Significant matters which could affect the price of the property.

A market valuation of the property.

Rebuild costs for Insurance purposes.

Building Survey


The Building Survey is an extensive investigation of the property and a comprehensive report on the property condition is presented in an easily readable, clearly presented format. In addition to providing a detailed report on serious structural defects, the report will also provide an overall opinion of the general condition of the property. The report will also provide information on other repairs that, in the surveyor’s opinion require attention either now or at some time in the future to put the property into, or maintain it in, good condition for its age and type.


This detailed inspection reports on:


Serious Structural Defects; defects that threaten the stability and safety of the structure.

Essential Repairs; repairs that require attention within six months.

Estimated Costs / Budgets for Serious Defects and Essential repairs.

Other repairs; defects that will require attention.

Structural Survey - This is often called an Engineers Report or Structural Engineers Report. There are two basic types as follows:


Specific or Part Structural Report


A Specific Structural Inspection is a visual inspection of a particular structural problem or concern, and would include any related matters. It should be noted that only the affected or specific structural parts of the property are inspected. However, if the Engineer/Surveyor were to identify any other structural problems or concerns during the course of the inspection, these might also be noted in the report.


The report includes details of what was inspected and found. It will state whether or not there is a problem and if so, what needs to be done to rectify the problem or what further investigations may be necessary. Where repairs/remedial works, the report will have estimated / budget costs for the works.


Full or General Structural Report


This is similar to a Specific Structural Inspection, except that the Engineer/Surveyor will inspect and report on the structural condition and adequacy of all the readily accessible load-bearing elements of the property (not just a particular problem area). The inspection will include the roof structure, floors, walls, lintels, and beams. It will also include the surrounding site in case there are any factors which could indicate a risk to the foundations.


The report will detail the structural condition and adequacy of all the load-bearing elements inspected. It will identify any structural problems or concerns and will recommend what needs to be done to rectify the problem or what further investigations may be necessary. Where repairs/remedial works are recommended, the report will provide cost estimates / budget costs for these.




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